One World Counseling

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We also provide SAP Evaluation services for all DOT (Department of Transportation) employees, and work with Employee Assistance Programs to provide clinical counseling services

Treatment services are available in:  English, Russian, Uzbek, Tajik, Jewish Bukhari, Farsi and/or Dari.

One World Counseling prides itself on being the premier treatment agency in New York that serves clients from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds by treatment staff that speak many languages and always works with a high degree of cultural competence.
Treatment Services/Specialties:
Substance Abuse Counseling (Individual and structured group formats)
Relapse Prevention Planning
Impaired Professionals Counseling
Alcohol and Drug Screening/Testing
Family Interventions and Counseling
Return to Work Evaluations
Stress Management
DWI/DUI Evaluations (Screenings and Assessments)
Anger Management
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services and Professional Consultations
Student Assistance Counseling
Counseling for Emergency Responders/Law Enforcement Personnel
Professional consultations to agencies
Forensic and/or lawyer-recommended counseling